What might be the first arrangement of its kind allowed a half-dozen young people shut out of the prohibitively expensive market to actually own a place—and they seem to be making it work.

It was a simple mission, but an unusual one. A year and a half ago, six young people embarked on a journey to own a home in one of Canada’s hottest housing markets––together.

It’s really the only way that any of them could consider owning a house in Toronto, where both renting and buying present a real challenge to millennials. The average price of a home in Toronto was $787,300 in 2018, while a condo was $552,269, making it one of the most expensive markets in Canada.

To put that into context, a household earning the median income in Ontario of about $74,000 can (with a solid credit rating) afford a mortgage for a home in the $415,000 range, which gets you an entry-level condo. Detached houses in Toronto, on the other hand, come with an average price tag of $1.3 million––which is what they ended up buying collectively.

The six people––whose ages range from 28 to 38 years old––pooled their money and made it happen. It took a lot of work, a ton of meetings, and many frank conversations. But it started with one radical idea: that the benefits of cohabitating, combining their resources and skills, would lead to a far better standard of living than they could ever achieve on their own.

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