Developers are reserving parking spaces for autoshare companies, carving out delivery spaces, building high-tech working spaces and more

When the future residents of Toronto’s Line 5 condo building order home delivery of groceries or a bite from Uber Eats or Foodora, there will be no need to rush home to ensure their food isn’t left at the front desk to get cold.

Instead, the products will wait in designated hot and cold food storage rooms — just one of the ways developers are kitting out their projects with technology-driven designs.

In addition to the haven for grocery and food delivery, Line 5 will have a designated spot for Uber and Lyft rides, a high-tech shared working space for those who want to work from home and an exercise room outfitted with a gym system that mixes arcade-style activities with fitness.

Such features are slowly becoming more common as developers across the country contend with technology that is redefining how people live, work and play, creating a demand for new kinds of condo features and amenities.

That demand has pushed developers from Vancouver to Halifax to reserve parking spaces for autoshare companies, carve out delivery spaces, develop condo-focused social networking apps and install high-tech Peloton exercise bikes that are outfitted with screens to let users cycle alongside celebrity fitness instructors.

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