With the cost of property rising all over the world, downsizing is becoming ever more popular. However, moving into a tiny home doesn’t mean sacrificing smart home comforts.

From party-ready properties to sustainable off-grid structures, discover the clever tricks and brilliant gadgets hiding in these high-tech micro homes.

The Breezeway, Texas, USA

The Breezeway, a high-tech party home decked out with all the latest gadgets, was designed by micro home building company Tiny Heirloom. At just 32 feet long, the angular structure was inspired by the mountain and valleys in the home’s rural Texas location. The exterior is made from 100% recycled steel and cedar wood, combining industrial and organic materials.

Inside, the home is decked out with everything you need for modern living; there’s a well-designed kitchen with a Belfast sink and mixer tap, marble tops and an integrated cooker hob. At the back of the house, a large garage-style door slides up into the ceiling space, opening up the interior to the great outdoors. For tech fans, The Breezeway is equipped with a Bose sound system and an LED-illuminated wine rack.

The master bathroom was finished off with marble-style walls, a porcelain tiled shower and a washer and dryer, all in just 30 square feet of space. When it comes to design, this tiny home is just about as smart as they come.

The Ecocapsule, International

The 120-square-foot pod boasts solar cells, rainwater collection technology and its very own wind turbine. Made from insulated fibreglass that’s laid over a steel framework, the home also comes with the option of a low-energy consumption air conditioning unit.

But what about a water connection if the home is completely off-grid? The water tank has a high capacity and can use water from any source such as lakes, rivers or even rainwater, which is then filtered by the system automatically.

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